Weekend Climbing Trip to Nowra

Date(s) - Saturday 28 July, 2018 - Sunday 29 July, 2018
All Day


Hi Guys,

With the popularity of the climbing trips to Nowra we thought it would be awesome to spend a weekend down there to be able to climb more of the crags!

This will be an overnight trip so refer to below on what extra stuff you’ll need to bring.

When you sign up please detail your indoor or outdoor climbing experience in the “What gear I need” section. Tell us what grade you can comfortably climb, whether you can lead climb and whether you own any climbing gear (harness, shoes, atc, grigri etc etc)

We cannot accept you if you do not complete the above so please do!

We will be staying in a house with everyone approximately $45 per person (for 8, hopefully if we book fast enough!)

What to bring:
– Climbing gear (if you are missing equipment i.e. helmet, harness, ATC, quickdraws etc. let us know)
– Breakfast x 1
– Lunch x 2
– Dinner x 1 (the house does have a kitchen so feel free to cook you’re own dinner, although be mindful of limited space)
– Rain jacket
– Warm clothes
– Toiletries (bathrooms available, so everyone can have a nice warm shower)
– Towel
– Pyjamas & warm socks
– 2L water (10L if you’re Ronny and drink like a camel)

Don’t forget to bring $15-$20 for your drivers as well!

All in all total costs should be $60-$65 excluding your meals. Please let us know ASAP so we can book the place in time.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Chris & Ronny


This activity is fully booked.