Expression of interest – Series of Advanced climbing skills trips – MULTI PITCH – TRAD – AID CLIMBING

Date(s) - Monday 12 February, 2018 - Tuesday 01 May, 2018
12:00 am

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Expression of interest – Series of advanced climbing techniques trips – MULTI PITCH – TRAD – AID CLIMBING – BIG WALL (?)

To all intermediate and advanced climbers in our club. If you have progressed with your climbing to the point where you start wondering, what is the next step from single pitch lead climbing and how far can your dreams in climbing go, this series of trips will give you the answers.

Designed as an insight into what advanced styles of climbing there are we will progressively learn more and more complex techniques. You may fall in love with trad and become a cam and nut beast … or aiding devil. Did you know that Blue Mountains have 300 meters high multi pitch climbs?

If any of these speak to you and you have enough experience to build on, sign in. This trip is expression of interest only. It will give me insight if there is interest in the club and how many people are keen. Even if you only want to learn multi pitch skills, sign in too and let me know in the note. Use the note to say what would you like to learn. This series of trips will be updated through time accordingly to the participants wishes.

The plan is following:

1. Advanced lead belaying techniques
2. Multi Pitch Skills I. – introduction into multi pitch theory
3. Multi Pitch Skills II. -practice
4. Introduction into trad climbing
5. Introduction into aid climbing and glimpse of big wall

Participants who signed for the expression of interest will be prioritised.


Participants are closed for this activity.